I make vividly-colored impressionistic pastel paintings. My subjects are most often ocean, sky, clouds, beaches and the lush tropical environment of southwest Florida.


My goal is to immerse my audience in light and heat.


I have painted very actively since my arrival at Shell Point in 2010. My background is art school and a long career in graphic design. I have always intended that in my retirement I would paint as much as I possibly could.


I started working with pastels in 2007 in New Jersey.  I have continued to study and have been fortunate to take summer workshops from well-known pastelists Barbara Jaenicke and Jean Rosier Smith. 


I am a weekly plein air painter.  I have painted some of the local landmarks several times, but each time, I find so much that’s new. I enjoy the companionship of plein air painters. I also intermittently study life drawing.


In my painting I  seek to help the viewer feel the intensity of heat and light that define a life in a hot climate.